Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Broken Bread

School has begun . . . junior year of college. Mercy.

And I just discovered this song on Pandora. Mmm . . .

It's Broken Bread by Rend Collective Experiment.

And well, I need to sleep, but I wanted to brag on my Love for just awhile. :) I came back to school apprehensive, heart hurting, and Love has continued to hold out His hands in the midst of it. Oh what joy to be His. He is involved in precious, incredible ways. He has sent people to make me laugh when I needed it, has sent friends to talk with me, and has reminded me of the beauty of freedom and singleness and a wild living unhindered by dating relationships for the present.

So Jesus? Thank You. Thank You for Your presence in this moment. You fill it, and I smile in the midst of what could be chaos. I am alive, and I'm so grateful for it. Thank You for not leaving me alone. You are incredible!!!!! No greater Love. <3 p="p">
I love You, Abba. Please guide me. Prepare me for homiletics tomorrow (so. scared!). Ease my heart into Your humility, please? Your will done Your way. Much, much love.

Your danae girl, Simply Yours

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I am unsteady, God.
Swallowing water.
Tag me 'Restless'
And send me out to sea.

Promise You'll find me?
Round white life tube
Tucked under my chin,
You pull me in with a
Scarlet Thread.

Be still.
Be still.

Tie me onto You, Jesus.
Please make the knot real tight.

Real tight.