Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Begger's Try at Poetry

It's been a million miles since I've blogged last. Millions of moment-miles.

I had my last first day of senior year at Multnomah University.

I'm back in the books, in an old job, in 4 classes.

I'm fumbling through a vice presidency and the bizarre idea that somehow soon, undergrad will all come to an end.

I've done a little public speaking and a little heart aching and not enough praying.

But I'm here.

Flesh, skin, bones, breath. Here.

And I beg and beg that this realness of being human is met by the realness of You being God. Because JESUS? Protect me. Please, oh please, protect me from cliche. Protect me from this superficial sealant that makes me feel like I'm doing fine and breathing well in Bible college when You see the deepest of the deep down. Protect this place from becoming a literature club for me.

 I want to KNOW YOU. I want to LOVE YOU. I want to RUN FAST and HARD to SEEK YOU with the deepest hope and passion, that I may FIND YOU.

Oh, I want to find You.

If my heart is restless, let me know it.

If my spirit is being soothed by anything but You, let me recoil.

Meet me, God. I beg You. Please meet me. Touch my side if You need to, but please don't leave me without Your blessing and Your presence.

Holy, Holy, Holy.