Monday, March 24, 2014

John Doe

This post isn't something theologically profound. Instead, it's basically just very human. Human emotion. Human cry. I'm learning about being human . . . sometime, I'll share more, but for now, I'll leave you with this short expression of a heart, needing to write itself in words . . . 

I don't often share or listen to songs like this, but this song really impacted me. Deeply. 

"John Doe, I just want the John I know. 
Once you put the drinks on hold,
Maybe you could come back home?" 

The cry in this song is more real and more human than I've heard in a long time. This song resonates with something in me a little too deep and difficult to explain . . . But if we take a step back, isn't there someone we all know who we wish would come home? Isn't there a part of us that wants to come home ourselves, that wants to stop running in our own fear and rest safe in Love?

To all the John and Jane Doe's in my life and in yours . . .

You have been made to be worthy of all the love in the world. Please come Home.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Domestic Samaritan"

"Farther up the same road [author is describing the flow of his book], we will visit those amateurs who have intentionally risked getting hurt - hanged, gassed, or shot - in order to help their neighbors in times of oppression. The fascinating thing about these people is that the most heroic turn out to be homebodies. Their help is based in their homes. Of course, even in times of peace, the role of 'Domestic Samaritan' can be harrowing- for the simple reason that the people we love most are often the very people we find it most difficult to help." -Garret Keizer "Help: The Original Human Dilemma"

I'm only on page 12, but I'm digging this book.  This is so confirming and comforting to me. I have so little idea of where Jesus will take me after grad. The smallest of dreams I have is to have a home, an open, welcoming home, marked by grace, laughter, tears, peace, healing, just raw, honest living. I don't want to need a home, but to think that Jesus has used "Domestic Samaritans" for His good was confirming excitement that maybe He could use this silly dream in whatever context He chooses for His glory.

What dream has He given you? Even the smallest of smalls? He can bless and break even fish to feed thousands. What might He do with our smallest of offerings?