Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why I Love Sundays . . .

. . . Or At Least Reasons Why I've Loved This One

Today is an anniversary. The one year mark after hearing "the news" that broke my heart. It was a Saturday evening, a March 13, 2010. I think it was sunny. Maybe cold. And today holds remnants of subconscious sadness, but even in the crux of the chaos of a day past, it has been a wonderful day. Why this day was great? Well . . . here's some of the quick reasons (after all, it's 11pm).

* Nails painted "Burgundy Frost"
* The sound of classical music playing in sweet harmony with the rain
* The feeling of being cleaned by Jesus, of being turned on His wheel
* Lacy gray blouse . . . love being a girl
* Finishing up homework . . . God answering my prayer for productivity
* Pizza and laughter with college group
* Sunday afternoon nap and taking time to read a chapter by Jamie Langston Turner
* Roger and Josiah sitting on either side of me in church . . . a good feeling to be sandwiched in at church
* My gray, warm sweater and putting my hair back as I listen to solo piano from pandora and "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and co. Mmm.
* Dove chocolate, popcorn, and fruit snacks. Add peanut butter, fruit, corn chips. Mackenzie U would call that "snackage"
* Drinking lots of water, purification ya might call that :)
* Hurting for Japan.
* Laughing outloud to a silly youtube clip
* That I'm Jesus' whether I feel it or not, and friend? It makes all the difference in the world.

Happy New Week! :) May we rejoice in Jesus, in the chance to simply be . . . His.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Prayer for Japan

I scanned the recently added blog posts that have been written by the bloggers I follow. I figured I'd see the most recent posts focusing on Japan but nothing yet, so I will write. My heart is heavy for them. For the beautiful people. They're PEOPLE just like ME. I forget that sometimes. I'll be honest and broken. Sometimes, I don't let it sink in that people in other cultures from my own are . . . people. They're humans with thoughts in their heads, with feelings in their hearts. Forgive me, God! Forgive me!

And these are PEOPLE that are dying RIGHT NOW. Oh God of Heaven, please HEAR their LITERAL CRIES. Reach out Your God-hands to the dying, Jesus. There are probably kids right now who are shuffled under debris, and it's only a matter of hours until they will die. You SEE them, Jesus. Please, please, please be near to them now. Send rescuers. Send Love. We need You, Jesus. Oh how we need You. They're my family, God. Some of them, and those that aren't, oh Jesus . . . You know where they go if they don't see You now. Jesus, send VISIONS, send Your name! Please, please fight for these people!

I love You, Lord. I know You are strong. I know You are like a Warrior. I know You are POWERFUL and Certain and Intentional and Compassionate. Slow to Anger. Abounding in Love. Come, Lord Jesus. Come.