Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Catch Your Answer

Oh Lord, will You remain silent?
I need Your mercy like my first waking breath,
And I sputter and cough without it.
Maybe the answer was right.
Yet the heart refused to open enough
To catch Your answer.

Like my first waking breath,
I need You.
You are my Father.
You've promised to never leave, never forsake. me.
You've told me You discipline Your children.
We are not cast away from You forever.

Sputter and cough without it,
That. The grace. Without the peace.
And it is beginning to come.
The Love that banishes the fear.
Away, away, and breathe in sweet, true love.

Maybe the answer was right.
And fear barricaded hope.
Maybe the answer now is Trust Me.
Oh Jesus, let me fall in Your arms.

To open enough,
To receive a second chance.
"Yes" and "Amen" . . . Let it be so.

To catch Your answer,
This is enough.
To glorify Your name.
This is enough.
To rise above failure
Because I truly am unworthy.
The facts remain.
Your grace is stronger.

And as these words have spilled,
I am more free.
The questions are not fully answered,
But the questions are sifting and setting.
And that which remains amongst burnt rubble:
Trust. Ransom. Forgiveness.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful. Overwhelm us with your peace, Abba.