Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Song or Two

Music is so healing to me, so filling. Jesus uses it when I'm running near empty or just need to feel something outside of myself that I understand when otherwise my feelings inside myself are too confusing.

Last night, Kayla (one of my dear friends) and I went to a J.J. Heller & Audrey Assad Concert. Oh my goodness. It was so good. It just didn't last long enough!!!

Anyways, I wanted to take a post and share with you some of the special songs that Jesus has used to bless and fill me. I'm excited to share with you . . . I love music about following Jesus.

((The first one is a live feed. The video isn't from last night, but it's a song JJ and her husband sang. It's called "Small."))

This music video is wonderful. :)

And one more Audrey Assad song to wrap it up . . .

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Briana said...

aw that music video (The Rescue) was so cute! I like the song too!