Thursday, November 1, 2012

31st Post: Letter to Brokenness

I'm twenty-seven minutes late from posting this blog into yesterday. Shoot. But I still accomplished 31 days I guess.

31 days of brokenness.

So here's my {temporarily} final words.

Dear Brokenness,

Yeah, I know it's kind of funny that I'm writing you. I really don't have time (I'm supposed to be doing homework), and you're not the most pleasant thing to write to, and quite honestly, I'm not even sure what you are. 

But I wanted to tell you that it's been an interesting journey walking with you for thirty-one days. I do apologize. I was pretty distracted some of these days and didn't learn as much from you as I would have liked, but I do really like the way you often lead me to Jesus. You keep me on my knees, Brokenness, and you remind me that in my own, I've got nothin'. 

I'm learning that a lot of different things send you my way. Sometimes it's Sin and her consequences that send you knocking on my door. Sometime's, it's a Contrite Heart that sends you my way. Sometimes, you just come see me so you can give me Humility.

You are often the one I must go to in order to get to Healing. I don't always like that very much, but I do like the healing, and I can trust Jesus to send you. So, . . . thanks. :)

Thank you for everything. Please remain in my life in the way Jesus wants. Make me better and stronger even in my weakness. Make me more humble and more aware of my need for the LORD. Make me more aware of the needs of others.

Well, I gotta run. Thanks again for everything . . . even the painful moments. 

Sincerely Yours,
danae :)

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