Monday, December 10, 2012

Trusting. Completely.

It's finals week! And you know what that means: BLOGGING! ;)

It's time for a study break, even though it's 12:33am and more studying is awaiting me. :)

I've been thinking a little about trust lately. Trusting the LORD.

I had a lovely date with one of my gal-friends last week, and we were talking about our futures and trusting Jesus, and it struck me.

When we trust Jesus only part-way, the future is TERRIFYING!

Only partial trust is practically no-trust.


You're in an old, creaky building. The slabs of hardwood floor are dusty, and you're sincerely worried that you'll fall through the floorboards. You're confident in some of the rooms of the house and some of the pieces of the floor. Some of the floorboards seem sturdy, especially in some rooms of the house. But in other rooms, you're not so confident. There is always that fear that this one floorboard you step on will be the one floorboard that caves in. Partial trust is terrifying.

And by not trusting it all, you're not really trusting that floor.

You're labeling it inadequate, faulty.

At least in parts.

But if part of it is untrustworthy, how can it be considered trustworthy?

Uh . . . shoot.

When I only trust Jesus partially and yet partially distrust Him, I'm saying He's faulty. He is not completely reliable.

But, I picture a little child, completely trusting her father as her dad leads her around the hardware store and then near the playground in the park. The child is not afraid of anything because she fully trusts in her dad. She doesn't think of doing anything else.

Full trust means full freedom . . . no fear.

And as I stand in the place of needing to trust Jesus with things dear to my heart and with an unknown, unclear future, I am asked to embrace a full faith that trusts. Completely.

That trusts that YHWH is all He says He is. He is trustworthy. He is reliable. He wants good for us (and only He knows what that looks like). He is on our side. He loves us. Oh how He loves us. :)

So come what may, Jesus? I trust You. Fully. I have no reason to fear. You have proven again and again that You are trustworthy, that I can lean into You and be led by You, and You will lead me by those green pastures and quiet streams.

So I'll let go.

You are in complete control.

Thank You. :)

*Note, it is so much easier to say this than to live it. Help me, LORD? I need You.*

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Tammy said...

Ain't that the truth though? God is so trustworthy and will never leave us. So, why don't be trust him? Sis, God never said that life would be easy, but he did say that he would be with us. I am so glad that he is with us. And, that we have others to walk with in this journey of life. :)