Monday, July 29, 2013

And As I Sit at a Softball Game . . .

I watch life lived in story and listen intently to every story spoken . . . hoping, desperately hoping that I'll find myself in your story, and you'll offer me the ending or a character I can slip into, zip myself up, and find my way around.

Can I find my identity in you?

In your passion or your convictions or your love story? Will you, a stranger or a friend or anyone really, will you authenticate who I am? Actually, if you could just show me who I am, I'd take that too.

The twenties leave me spinning, stuck always in coarse webs that pull tighter each time I yank. Who am I? A conservative, Mennonite country girl? Or a college student that finds her place in a liberal city?

And as I sit at a church softball game today, I wondered if God reminded me of something so simple . . .

Danae, your story is absolutely unique. I've designed you with colors never arranged in this way before. You are a new story . . . and no, dear one. There is nothing new under this burning sun. There is common truth that envelops you that you will hear of in others' stories, but My love, there is a uniqueness about the way you will follow me that will not be told in others' stories.

I have not made you to be an uber conservative Mennonite. You will never fit completely into that world, even though you sometimes so desperately want to belong there. You belong in Me.

I have not made you a Katie Davis or a Mother Teresa. Don't strive to be hero or savior, danae. Just strive to follow and love Me.

I have made you into danae, and I will show you what it means to follow Me here in the dusty roads of walking out My story in you. I love you, danae. I'm so glad I created you. Keep following me. I love you. Don't be so worried about your story. Come into Mine, and you will find that you have belonged here all along and that it is perfect for you to be simply Mine.


Jason Ropp said...

Such words take confidence, not arrogance, in God's story for you over some else's. Stay strong.

danae said...

Jason, thank you sooo much for your comment. Sometimes, even though it should seem soooo simple, it feels like completely stepping out on a limb to follow Jesus, to get my eyes off of people and trying to figure out how to live through them but to start living after Him. Thank you for encouraging me. :)