Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Domestic Samaritan"

"Farther up the same road [author is describing the flow of his book], we will visit those amateurs who have intentionally risked getting hurt - hanged, gassed, or shot - in order to help their neighbors in times of oppression. The fascinating thing about these people is that the most heroic turn out to be homebodies. Their help is based in their homes. Of course, even in times of peace, the role of 'Domestic Samaritan' can be harrowing- for the simple reason that the people we love most are often the very people we find it most difficult to help." -Garret Keizer "Help: The Original Human Dilemma"

I'm only on page 12, but I'm digging this book.  This is so confirming and comforting to me. I have so little idea of where Jesus will take me after grad. The smallest of dreams I have is to have a home, an open, welcoming home, marked by grace, laughter, tears, peace, healing, just raw, honest living. I don't want to need a home, but to think that Jesus has used "Domestic Samaritans" for His good was confirming excitement that maybe He could use this silly dream in whatever context He chooses for His glory.

What dream has He given you? Even the smallest of smalls? He can bless and break even fish to feed thousands. What might He do with our smallest of offerings?

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Anonymous said...

I love this Danae! I have no doubt that God will use you in any and every situation you find yourself in, whether that be in your home, or your job. Even though you don't have a home to call your own yet, you very presence is welcoming and "safe" (in terms of allowing whichever emotions flow). I cannot wait to see where God takes you! I am blessed to know you, and to get the opportunity to see God moving in your life!