Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why I Love Sundays . . .

. . . Or At Least Reasons Why I've Loved This One

Today is an anniversary. The one year mark after hearing "the news" that broke my heart. It was a Saturday evening, a March 13, 2010. I think it was sunny. Maybe cold. And today holds remnants of subconscious sadness, but even in the crux of the chaos of a day past, it has been a wonderful day. Why this day was great? Well . . . here's some of the quick reasons (after all, it's 11pm).

* Nails painted "Burgundy Frost"
* The sound of classical music playing in sweet harmony with the rain
* The feeling of being cleaned by Jesus, of being turned on His wheel
* Lacy gray blouse . . . love being a girl
* Finishing up homework . . . God answering my prayer for productivity
* Pizza and laughter with college group
* Sunday afternoon nap and taking time to read a chapter by Jamie Langston Turner
* Roger and Josiah sitting on either side of me in church . . . a good feeling to be sandwiched in at church
* My gray, warm sweater and putting my hair back as I listen to solo piano from pandora and "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and co. Mmm.
* Dove chocolate, popcorn, and fruit snacks. Add peanut butter, fruit, corn chips. Mackenzie U would call that "snackage"
* Drinking lots of water, purification ya might call that :)
* Hurting for Japan.
* Laughing outloud to a silly youtube clip
* That I'm Jesus' whether I feel it or not, and friend? It makes all the difference in the world.

Happy New Week! :) May we rejoice in Jesus, in the chance to simply be . . . His.

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