Friday, April 15, 2011

You Are Fighting For Me

Cut between the fire and the forest,
Oil and water never truly collide.
It hurts to be squished between two loves.

Jesus. I whisper Your name,
Your presence has already filled the hollowness.
Come, Lord Jesus, Come.
Cup my head in Your hands, Jesus.
Keep the bad thoughts out, the lies out. Please.
Please. Please.

Rock me, Father Jehovah.
Will You please sing me the lullabies
You sang over me in her womb?
The sweet songs, I'm sure I'd remember.

You are Rushing Water,
Waves fill me and carry me.
Lullabies, Your arms, the Waves,
Carried through the middle ground,
By danger, By safety,
The intricate paradox.
The Lion is my Father.

Please set the rhythm with Your roars,
Your songs, so I know how to climb
The trees and love the fires.
My safety found in neither.
Only in Love. The Strong One.
Faithful Warrior.


Anonymous said...

once was found in the honesty of your heart. Even through the pain,love,Abba is using you. Keep pressing on.

danae said...

Kind stranger, you have no idea how much your comments encourage me. Thank you.