Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Christmas break.
home. safe. sleep.

and i am infected
with red bumps and bloodstained world.

and You wear my skin for just awhile.

is human skin scratchy to God?
does it itch and burn the spirit of YHWH
to wear our dirt?

oh Jesus, You did.

and a few thousand years back,
a little girl's stomach swelled,
and You bumped against her rib cage
and felt the rhythm of human heart.

this was Your choice.


that we may know YHWH.

that we may hear His voice

and see what love really is.

that we may be saved from our own skin. flesh. brokenness.

You come.

And again,

You will come,

that we may meet our full salvation.

that we may see Who Love really is.

and hear His voice.

that we may know YHWH.


we are not alone.

1 comment:

bitnee said...

So beautiful my friend. Love you! Merry Christmas!