Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Need

There are so few things that I need here. So few things.

But one thing that I NEED, that I don't just want, don't just need on occasion but with-every-breath-desperation, I need Jesus.


I need the God-Man who stepped on this earth here. I NEED You. I will SCREAM it. I will write it. I will pray it. I will sing it. I need YOU, Jesus. Hallelujah.

It is YOU who carry me, who make me laugh, and let me cry. You give me peace when I'm too stressed to think clearly. You give me HOPE, make me smile. You heal me in the deep parts. What would I be without You? I need YOU, Jesus.

Thank You for being You, for being here . . . just when I need You. I am so glad to be Yours. Everything else can fade into the background because all that really matters is covered. My deepest need taken care of every moment by You, Jesus. Thank You.

But it's not just about me needing. I want You too, Lord! I WANT to be with You. Let me live to extend myself, to really give myself to You. To not just need You (take in) but to really love You (give out).

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Briana said...

So good to be His. . . to be loved by someone who knows the depths of us. HALLELUJAH! He carries us all the day, all the way. Thanks for sharing this song. I love you sis.