Saturday, January 21, 2012

Full Life

Once again, school comes like the foreseen blizzard, hiding my time somewhere in the flurries, and I am unaware as to where it could possibly have went to. Okay. That maybe made no sense. I'm pretty tired. haha :) BUT ANYWAY, I wanted to get in a post really fast. The pictures show some of the last moments of vacation before I came back to Multnomah as well as the beginning of a new semester.

Day 15: It snowed the Sunday before I left! So beautiful!

Day 16: Two of my friends from church met Briana and me at Shari's before we left . . . good to catch up and laugh. :)

Day 17: Yes, I made Valentines already. haha :) I LOVE Valentines day . . . trying to get ahead. :)

Day 18 is the sad photo. My sister left me for college on Wednesday. I love her a ton and miss our laughs, but I'm really glad she can be where she's supposed to be right now. She still faithfully remains my better half. ;)

Dad took me out to breakfast after we took Briana out to the airport . . . so early! but good to have time with him.

Day 19: On Thursday, I went with my mom to her Bible study, and at the end, I went out into our church's gym. There is this empty stage. I have so many memories of this place. I become Mary again when my feet hit the black floor and my nose smells the old hay that used to cover the floor.

Same day (fitting for the two to go together . . . semi-bitter memories need something sweet) I had a mini pumpkin still from fall that I really wanted to try to carve, so I carved out Joy on one side.

Day 20: It was SO FUN to see my roommate, Clarissa, when I got back! Sweet reunion!

Day 21: It was so great to see roommate BETHANY on Saturday! I love this girl! Both of my roommates are such gifts.

Also, that day, I got to spend some time in the school's prayer chapel . . . one of my favorite places. Jesus and I have had some deep heart to hearts there. He is good.

Jesus has given me such a full life. I see this in these pictures. It is good to remember His gifts. :)

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Briana said...

Wow Danae! The picture you took of the prayer chapel is AMAZING and sooooo great! Im so proud of you!!! Could I have the first 3/4ish pictures :D