Saturday, February 18, 2012



Hello. It's me again. Yeah, I know. You've seen me a whole lot lately. Well, or I should say, You've listened to me a whole lot lately. Thank You.

Thank You for being patient, a kind Listener. Thank You for being TRUTH. in my confusion. in my questions.

I remember where we were a year ago tonight, Daddy. Upper lounge, girls dorms. Last few hours were slipping by of year 18.

And now, it's about time for the nineteenth year to die.

It's kind of scary to me. Twenty?

Dad! It sounds old! It's not though, is it? You're smiling at me, aren't You?

Thank You that You're already in my twenty. You know the corners of it so well. You see. You love.

My one cry: "Oh, oh, oh bring [me] back to You." Every moment. I am in love with You, Jesus. Please deepen that love. Make it pure, marked with endurance. You are my choice. Give me strength to live it. To make that decision. Thank You, Love.

Thank You for smiling on me. Please, Lord, walk me through these waters of new year. It belongs to You. :)

I love You,
Your danae girl,
Simply Yours

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