Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Near the Place of Stillness: Only in This Moment

The rain falls and Your grace mixes with it until I am soaked.

And it is when I rest in this moment, in this second, that I am given what I need to continue on. The strength meets me, the peace; it comes in this moment of stillness.

A still future is not what You promise me, is it?
But peace right now . . . this You give.

So, while the waves tower and crest and fall against the walls of my soul, please keep me near You, near the place of stillness.

The stillness and the knowing.

You are Healer, Provider, Joy-Giver.
Prince of Peace.

And You give in the moments just what I need.

Thank You.

*As I type, I listen to this song. May it bless you, friend, and help heal you like it does me as I sit inside, rain pouring gently on this quiet Wednesday.*

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Briana said...

Great words sis. The Lord is at work