Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Gifts

Monday morning. The dreaded Monday morning. Waking up was so not easy today. After all, Spanish 3 (which "happens" Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) today means waking up at what should have been 5:30am but ended up being 5:50am-ish, plus Thanksgiving break officially ends when my black flats hit the high school hall tiles, and quite frankly, I'm not so thrilled, but as I pre-write this in physics class (yes, I know, but if you only knew the joy of this class, you'd be writing blog posts too . . . JUST kidding :), I'm reminded that the way this day goes is really largely in my hands. One of my many favorite teachers was my biology teacher and that says something because biology is not my first love (pig dissecting nearly killed me, just saying . . . okay, so "maybe" not . . . but that's a whole other story about God's grace . . . smile), but one thing that stuck with me was the poster on her desk, "Misery is optional, but joy is a choice." I love that and kinda hate it too because that means that I really have no one to blame for a nasty feeling day, ya know? I really sadly can't blame that dumb alarm clock or my choice in scheduling a zero period class or the fact that my break is being replaced by school. Well, I guess I could, but where does that take me? Misery. Mmm hmm . . . but honest to goodness, today could be a marvelous because I have the opportunity to choose joy even with those saggy clouds in the sky and the chilly, school morning. . .

Joy is such a fantastic thing. It's a fruit of the Spirit actually. Isn't it so cool that God's people are to be characterized by joy? "Christian" was never meant to be associated with a sad bunch of miserable people. The King's kids were never meant to live with their eyes on the ground, head bent. But so often I do. And it's my. fault. Rats. . . I've been caught. Smile. Anyway, all of that to say (?) that I hope your Monday is a great one! My Monday has definitely improved since when I first saw the dumb numbers 5:51. :) I am so happy to be alive, so grateful for His hands, His healing, His peace. Here's a continuous list of gifts from the Almighty. He is oh so good. I am so incredibly blessed!

271. Soul healing by a gracious God

272. Holding baby cousin . . . what a precious, beautiful life.

273. Playing game "Things" with family members

274. Understanding calculus shortcuts! "I like things I understand" ~ a twist on an old pageant quote. smile.

275. Remembering old memories with family and laughing til the tears come.

276. Breath of Heaven that holds me together

277. Christmas music focused on the real reason, the Savior.

278. A lovely Thanksgiving . . . one of my favorite holidays

279. Using the curtain for pageant practice for the first time Sunday - - woo hoo!!! I've been waiting for that day ever since I've had to practice having birth pains, but that's a story of its own . . . :)

280. Decorating Christmas cookies with youth group

281. Clean sheets of paper

282. Sitting and talking with Grandpa and Cousin.

283. Long walk and talk with Mom . . . felt so good.

284. Drops of rain hanging on twig branches

285. Joy.

Happy Monday!

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