Friday, April 16, 2010


Hello world. It's been awhile since I've posted, besides the weekly gift counting, and that's not cool because I happen to really like writing and tapping out keys for this little, special blog of mine. I'm not sure what I'm going to tell you, Mr. World, but I guess if you're willing to ride on thought streams, you might be in for interesting scenery.

So, this week marked the first official week I went to school all five days since spring break due to the past two Fridays being off. Such a good thing. The Fridays off I mean. And really, this week wasn't too bad. I haven't had much homework; life has been fairly decent. And I did something new this week. Or it was done to me. I got my eyes dilated! :) SMILE. It was WEIRD. My eyes looked WEIRD. And the sunshine was REALLY SUPER BRIGHT after that. :) It was kind of cool though. I guess my eyes are in pretty good shape except the pressure is a little abnormal. Eye doctor wasn't too worried though . . . I just need to get in there every couple of years. Not sure if that will happen, but we shall see, world, we shall see.

Today I finished reading the book of Isaiah. Have you read it? You really should take a jaunt through it. It's pretty radically fantastic.

PS Currently, I'm listening to Cielo by Phil Wickham, and so far, I think I like it. [I'm looking up lyrics to solidify that fact]
. . .
. . .
. . .

Okay, I looked up the words. Good.

[Sometimes, I wonder what in the world is going on with you, danae?. My oh my. Some days I'm afraid I go crazy, but it kind of goes with me. Sometimes I think that deep inside of me, there's a very untamed creature. There's wildness. Or maybe I'm just dramatic. I don't rightly know.]

. . . > Now I'm on to Phil Wickham's "Heaven Song" < . . .

Have you ever had one of those days or moments when you just really wanted to go Home? To Jesus? When I was younger, I really didn't want to die. Or be raptured. I'll be honest . . . I wanted to get married, have kids, experience dreams. And I still do. But recently, my gaze has kind of shifted. I'm excited for Home. I'm excited to be with Jesus and to feel His love and His arms and thank Him. To be done struggling. The greatness of Heaven isn't so much the focus anymore, nor the loss of earth (I hope . . . I still struggle with holding on to earth, but I cannot) but meeting Jesus. WOW! That will be GOOD. INDESCRIBABLE! And it will be Home, "where I belong." It reminds me of the movie "Split Infinity" . . . have you seen it? This girl falls of a barn, and it knocks her out for awhile. During that time of unconsciousness, she travels back in time to her grandpa's days and the Great Depression. She goes into that time period where she's seen by others as her grandpa's sister. Anyway, there's one point when she's back in time and had just put on a successful fair to raise money to save the family farm, yet the bank was still going to take the house, and somewhere in there, she goes to her "brother" (really her grandpa at a younger age) and tells him that she really wants to go home (back into her time period), and her grandpa responds, "Amelia, this will always be your home," and she answers again that she just wanted to go home. Her grandpa didn't get it . . . this wasn't home. That's what I feel like. This isn't home. My family is wonderful and people are wonderful, and there are still remnants of Eden in a broken sense on this earth, but it's not my home. I'm glad I know where my real Home is, ya know? Some people still don't understand.

Well, I guess I'll bring this thought stream to an end for now. Mom informed me that I should be getting yucky stuff done first (like homework) before fun. I guess she's right (but it is FRIDAY! YEEEESSSS). So Adios, world! Farewell.

*for now*

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