Monday, April 12, 2010


I think I'm kinda lame. I haven't blogged between Mondays in at least two weeks . . . Sheesh! Not good! :) smile :) But here I am again today. I really honestly don't feel much like being grateful; I'd rather hop back into bed and sleep through the day and not even journey to school (two months exactly until graduation! woot!), so this is kind of a "sacrifice of praise" of sorts. Here goes.

476. The smell of freshly cut grass

477. New skirt

478. Smell of freshly cut wood

479. Grandma's chocolate chip cookies

480. Remembering at our Mexico Mission Trip church service yesterday . . . so fun to see the pictures and video clips. Brought back memories.

481. Movie Gifted Hands. Based on real life story.

482. Little girl's smile and hug . . . "Mary?"

483. Watching pageant on DVD . . . interesting. :-/ :)

484. Mom's scalped potatoes and ham. Mmm.

485. Encouraging words from the "olders" and friend . . . isn't this church?

Please forgive this kind of pathetic post . . . it's 6:21 am. :)

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