Monday, November 22, 2010

"Thanks Is the Only Way to Breathe"

And some days, I wake up with a feeling of emptiness. This rare yucky-morning-feeling doesn't happen too often mind you, and it's probably in all honesty tied to the fact that I sometimes snooze my alarm way too much and don't quite sleep enough some nights. And then Jesus picks me up on eagles wings as I'm falling and reminds me of this:

"and there it is, the writing on the wall, the memo every Monday morning needs — that grace is everywhere and joy’s possible even here and thanks is the only way to breathe."

Thank you, Ann Voskamp, for those words!

I was told that the best attitude is gratitude. Such a good thing. So to You, Jesus, . . . thank You.

771. Thank You, Jesus, for laughing hard with roommate and good friend. Healing and strength-giving.

772. for Snowflakes

773. How quickly the frost came off my windows yesterday morning.

774. Hugs from some of the older women at my church.

775. One lady teasing me after I completely didn't recognize her the day before. Her grace and laugh and kind hug.

776. Being able to learn SO MUCH about the Pentateuch right now for my class. LOVE IT!

777. People's stories

778. Jesus' rest, His call to come to Him, those of us who are so weary and burdened.

779. That I could lift weights this morning, make breakfast, and make it to class on time. YES! :) [thanks]

780. The easy quiz in Pentateuch!! YES!

781. That Jesus is faithful to finish what He's begun in me. I can trust Him with this.

782. Church work parties

783. Daily bread

784. An organized closet shelf

785. A firm foundation. Jesus.

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