Wednesday, June 16, 2010

danae + summer = more blog time?

Today is Wednesday, my first Wednesday of summer vacation. What a sweet thing! :) Though I don't feel like I'll be able to write a long post today, I'm excited to hopefully get the chance to write more here during these summer months.

I am so excited for summer, for more memories and adventures. This week has been filled with VBS. Sadly, yesterday had to be canceled due to a power outage. I was pretty bummed yesterday. I so enjoy helping with Bible School. This year, a group from the youth (including me) are leading music. It's fun to lead the kids in crazy motions. :) Isn't this what Bible school is made of? Well, you know . . . :) I also get to help lead a group of crazy munchkins. :) Very fun. Honestly, I wonder if helping with VBS is maybe even more fun than being a VBS participant, but hey. What do I know, and that was a few years ago that I was in the kids' shoes. :)I just hope the kiddos are having a good time in Egypt.

The theme this year is Egypt. On Monday, our lesson was based on hope. When Joseph was in the Egyptian jail, it didn't seem like he had much hope at all, but because He relied on the Lord . . . there was hope. God's plans for him were good. God's plans for us are good as well if we're willing to follow Him. Anyway, I better go . . . I think I'll actually take a nap. I'm exhausted. I took mom to work today, came back home and actually jogged & walked [YES!], and then I went back to the school that my mom takes her patient to --- Mom's an RN that watches over this little special needs guy. It was so fun to be with those kiddos with special needs. They're all so beautiful, so needy for love. I've talked about them more in past blog posts. Maybe I'll tell more sometime.

Anyway, hopefully this is the beginning to more consistency in my blogging. [Though hopefully this isn't a sample of my blogging . . . this is a pretty lame post! ;)] I hope all you readers out there have a lovely day. :) Look for Jesus in your day! I bet you'll find Him . . . ;)

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