Monday, June 14, 2010

A Two Week Strand of Thanks

Last Monday, my class and I were enjoying our last big adventure as a class on our senior trip, and thankfully, I really had no access to a computer (a very good thing). :) But I have a lot of things to be thankful for from two weeks ago to now, and I probably couldn't even name all of them, but here are a few. :)

566. The finishing of school finals

567. Senior's Countdown, us all packed in that little office, yelling those numbers. 10. 9. 8. 7. . . . 3. 2. and 1. And we were off. There were a few tears by some . . .

568. The arrival at Drift Creek Camp. Senior Trip time.

569. Playing old camp games in the chapel together as a class.

570. The beautiful sunshine at the camp and coast . . . what an answer to prayer, a gift.

571. The strong waves of a surging ocean on a sunny day.

572. Him coming and talking with me at the coastline.

573. Friend checking up on me, just talking, taking me home.

574. Her telling me I've been different, letting me cry and talk things out. Crying with me.

575. Hearing classmates' testimonies.

576. Being able to run and cry and speak some of the anger out in the woods, and Jesus, You being there to chase after me and remind me of Love.

577. The warm fire when I was drenched.

578. Playing catch with one of my teachers and friends.

579. S'mores on the beach

580. Getting sun-burnt while taking a nap on a playground by a lake.

581. Riding out on a canoe with a beautiful friend. We didn't even get tipped over! ;)

582. Bulwinkles. Playing laser tag with friends. :)

583. Drenching classmates during bumper boats. And, . . . well, being drenched. :)

584. Friend sitting on the bus with me, talking on the way home, encouraging me.

585. Breakfast at Shari's with classmates, and the waitress giving me and J a free half of a cinnamon roll because we were the only ones not eating! What a special, sweet gift!

586. JP asking me to walk with him for graduation.

587. Finishing speech for grad and poster. Grace. <3

588. Mom taking me to get my hair done with her for grad . . . so fun to have curls. :)

589. Graduation ceremony . . . celebrating with classmates.

590. Handing out a rose to my mom, and saying thanks to the rest of my family, breaking down. I love my family so much.

591. The peace during my speech.

592. Teacher's personal verse for me.

593. The way he blessed me beyond measure, telling me why he appreciates me. I'm gonna miss him and so many others.

594. Graduation party with family afterward. Good times.

595. Graduation party with church friends and other special people and all those that showed up, and those special people that couldn't but sent the cards.

596. Teacher's unexpected check and special letter. His words meant a lot.

597. Her gift of soap and funny card, made me laugh. :)

598. All the money and sweet gifts that poured in and the sweet, encouraging words and cards.

599. A Costco cake . . . my first costco cake. :) Kinda fun. :)

600. That summer vacation has officially started. SUMMER IS HERE!!!!! :)

You've swamped me with gifts, Father! I don't deserve them. Remind me of that. Teach me self-forgetfulness and sincerity. I've got a lot of growing to do yet . . .

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