Monday, June 28, 2010

Substitute for the Negative: Thanks

I'm typing this post in a place in which I've never blogged before . . . my grandma's sewing room. :) The room is lavender purple, and I'm filling it with one of my favorite songs right now, "Empty Me" by Jeremy Camp. (It's worth a jog to youtube to listen to it here) The sun is spilling out over this other state that is not mine, and the wind ripples through corn stalks and Grandpa's trees, Grandma's flowers. The humidity isn't even yet strong. And it's time for the giving thanks. You know, I told my sister to help keep me accountable . . . no complaining. Ah, I want to be cured of that disease. :) I think part of that is done with the substitute of gratitude. So, let me aim for honesty as I say thanks:

616. For the peaceful music (now Fernando Ortega) playing from youtube.

617. The good weather here in Iowa today

619. That fellow travelers and I made our connecting flight . . . with only 2 minutes to spare. God is good, no?

620. That I got a raise in scholarship! Praise the Lord!!!

621. Meeting Lisa, my college admissions counsellor, in a little Bakery/Eatery near my home, chatting, her answering questions, surprising me with the scholarship news.

622. Grandpa and Grandma Z.'s laugh

623. Grandma's oatmeal, apple cake ;)

624. Grandpa's sense of humor

625. That two of Mom's cousins met us at the airport here . . . nice surprise.

626. Staying with my cousin before the airport, chatting with her.

627. Jesus seeming to tap my heart . . . it's time to be courageous, danae.

628. It's just the beginning . . . we can go together, maybe make a difference, Jesus?

629. Dad packing lunches, tucking love notes inside.

630. Seeing that morning star, the sun rising early early.

and one last desire . . . to be with You, Jesus, to follow Your footsteps, to be fresh air and new songs wherever I go. Starting now. amen

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