Monday, June 21, 2010

Second Week of Summer Thank You's

Summer . . . I am so grateful for it! It is a wonderful thing to step away from the school books and some of that chaos and do other types of work and plenty of types of relaxation. A good thing.

Jesus? Thank you . . .

601. For the sunshine today! Glorious . . . and it's the first official day of summer, huh?

602. For the buckets of berries . . . strawberries & raspberries. Picked today, a good picking day.

603. Seeing that little skunk family . . . and that they weren't too close to our house.

604. Vacation Bible School! The opportunity to lead kids in music and motions and throughout.

605. The answer to prayer that two little kiddos could go with us.

606. Kiddo number one's laugh and his cousin's giggle.

607. Finishing the book Treasure in Earthen Jars by Faye Hooley Byers Taylor. It's a book written about Faye's mission work in Mexico. My youth group stayed at the camp that Faye started while doing our mission work in Mexico and also worked at her daughters' church there.

608. Two new books from the library. An Annie Dillard one (I'm trying it . . . love her descriptive writing. What talent) and a bio on Harriet Beacher Stowe (someone whom I admire SO MUCH for her ingenuity and heart in writing Uncle Tom's Cabin. BRILLIANT!

609. Meeting friend in town and chatting and seeing other classmates unexpectedly! Fun!

610. The little goose calling me "Mar" . . . short for "Mary." ;) Even after 6 months, the little stinker. I love that 3 year old girl!

611. The money and card and gift blessings that keep blowing in. People's heart and kind generosity.

612. Laughing with aunts and uncles around a Father's Day dinner.

613. The delicious food for that dinner!

614. Seeing that beautiful bird of black with parts of red.

615. Watching Pastor play the part of Joseph in VBS. Good times.

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