Monday, October 12, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

It's been a brand new Monday. I limped into it wondering how I would make it. But I did. He never left. Ever. I shouldn't have been worried. Anyway, here's to another Monday and to the many gifts from a loving Father.

156. Fall-orange pumpkins

157. SAT finished . . . Jesus is my peace.

158. Parents' 25th anniversary! Yay!

159. School kits sent to needy kids.

160. Annual MCC Festival - - Fall tradition.

161. Walk during school in fresh fall air.

162. Caring, protecting words from teacher.

163. A new box of puzzle pieces to try soon maybe?

164. Senior pics finished? :)

165. Friends from church, a precious thing.

166. Driving through a sunrise.

167. The way the fog clings to earthen fields

168. Crisp fuji apple

169. The way that thankfulness ends up blessing me. Funny how that works.

170. Green cotton scarves.

PS The calendar says that it's Thanksgiving in Canada. Who knew, right? :) I hope you have a lovely Canadian Thanksgiving today, eh?!

Yours truly,
just Simply Danae

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