Monday, October 5, 2009

Multitude of Gifts Monday

Happy Monday! :) Things change when we learn the essence of thankfulness. I'm learning. I haven't quite arrived yet, but I'm learning. :)

141. Old garden shoes

142. The feel of the piano keys

143. Autumn drafts of oxygen

144. "Thank You" by 33 Miles

145. The tinges of red spray on the changing leaves

146. First fire in wood stove since early spring

147. Child smile

148. Special needs kids

149. Youth group special music

150. Four day weekends

151. Getting make-up done in Macy's . . . now that was interesting and embarrassing and kinda fun. :)

152. Thick, warm blankets

153. The harvest moon

154. His mercies are new . . . every morning.

155. Pumpkins speckled in orange about to overtake the green.

Happy Autumn. Happy brand new week. :)

Yours truly,
just Simply Danae

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