Thursday, October 8, 2009

Free Falling

The time is late for an early morning rise tomorrow. But still, the words are boiling and bubbling, and I wonder if I might release a little steam before the time erodes, and I'm deathly tired tomorrow morning. :)

Isn't it incredible how one can discover oneself? How God so often unveils who we are in random, sometimes scarce but impacting moments? One thing He's showing me is that I've got a fix-it, problem solver, what-can-I-do-now mentality. Whenever I see a problem, my first response is, "What can I do?" as if I were responsible to take care of the world. Something I'm also learning this week is that I'm quite often not in charge of fixing the world's problems or the problems in the lives of my friends or the problems of awkwardness and silence. God is The Problem Solver. He proved that on two slabs of scabbing wood several years ago. I must surrender. Surrender means giving up my right to success. It means laying down a deep and searing need, the need to be needed. It means trusting with open arms, doesn't it? I need to learn a lot about free falling. Falling into Jesus. Well, I best be off. The time is savagely ticking away, and my eyelids are gravitating downward. Plus, I still have some English reading to do. Smile. :) But I also have a lot of other work to do. A lot of surrendering ahead of me. A lot of prayer to get me there. :) But we'll do it, won't we, Jesus?

Yours truly,
just Simply Danae

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