Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas After December 25

K-LOVE is still bringing on the Christmas classics even after the day, and I'm quite enjoying it. You know, it's incredible to me how commercialism dates Christmas December 25, and shortly after, the Christmas ads are pulled from the T.V. screens, the stores are packing in their Valentine's cupids and conversation hearts, and the focus changes. Christmas becomes a point on a time line, a sterile, round spot, and when it's over, the majority of America crashes, depressed and weary and wondering why there's such a feeling of emptiness. Yay for K-Love letting Christmas spill over December 25! because . . . Point A) it makes the ending of Christmas less depressing and Point B) it reminds me that Christmas is so much more than a date; it's somewhat the beginning of one of the most crazy world-rescue missions ever put into motion.

Pastor Phil gave the message at my church last Sunday, and one question he asked us was whether or not Christmas was a historical event or a present day event (?). I'm learning that it's a present day event. Christmas is about Christ coming here, into our heart-ache, our brokenness, our unknown tomorrows, our trashy secrets, our fear, our dirt, our hearts. It's the beginning of a journey of Love transforming Himself to wear our skin, to look like one of us, and to change us forever. It's Him meeting us where we're at, on our dying, thirsty soil. Who does that?! Only One . . . And His name: Jesus. Alleluia.

So y'all, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas! But I hope it's not just a "had" . . . I hope that you continue to enjoy Christmas, to dive in deep, to search the Pages and understand it, feel it, experience it. Experience Love Himself, experience God with us. We can still do that, ya know. Even after December 25! Hoorah! :)

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