Monday, December 28, 2009


I have so much to be thankful for . . .

336. Frosty boughs

337. Being with family for Christmas

338. Sunshine . . . a gift

339. Love that prompted wrapped packages

340. Christmas music after Christmas

341. A brand spankin' new ESV Bible!

342. The way God teaches my heart to beat newly

343. Delicious Christmas meals

344. Kids blowing out candles on Jesus' birthday cake

345. His wide-eyes . . . recounting.

346. Encouraging Christmas reads from people like Ann Voskamp found here and here also and precious people like Kayla, a girl that I don't know, but so appreciate from following her blog. These people encouraged me to remember the real reason of beautiful Christmas.

347. The unimaginable love of God that would cause Him to give Himself for us, for dirty, mangled, dying humans. Wow. . .

348. That I completed two homemade aprons!!! Yes! First time EVER!!! Are you proud, Grandma?! :)

349. String duos and trios

350. For each season as it comes . . . and that Jesus walks me through each one. alleluia.

Merry Today! :) And Jesus? Thank You . . .

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