Monday, December 7, 2009

Peace + More Gift

I'm so glad my church participates in the advent tradition of lighting the candles before Christmas and pulling out a theme each week. Last week's theme was hope, and this week's is peace. Peace. For some reason, we don't hear too much about peace, do we? Love is highlighted and circled, but peace waits like a nearby fog, waiting for us to step in, relax in the arms of Christ. What a gift from God! What a relief to be able to breathe. To live. In peace. I am so grateful for it today, as well as so many other things. Here's a few of them as I continue my trek to 1000.

286. Colored icicle lights dripping off roof [not literally, people . . . :D]

287. Riding side-saddle on a donkey for the first time

288. The ability to hear

289. A brilliant moon

290. Peace . . . this week's advent theme.

291. Child-like Christmas chain of red and green

292. Him sharing his heart . . . I'm glad I could be there to listen. Still don't know why he echoed his heart to me? But I pray for his peace . . .

293. My whole senior class being together a few days last week . . . a rare occasion but a fun one.

294. The reminder that Mary must have been completely dependent on God; she couldn't hope to get her approval and her love from proud townspeople. Her Father was her Need-Provider, her Peace.

295. My "Aunt Elizabeth" helping me prepare for my part . . . her grace.

296. Compliments: a challenge and a grace.

297. Opportunity to learn heart-humility . . . teach me, Father God! Help me to learn it right, to pass this test.

298. Four little kiddos in Sunday school class

299. Deep sound of a cello, viola, violins.

300. My THREE-HUNDREDTH Gift! Isn't our God incredible?! alleluia . . .


Taylor Becker said...

Danae!!! I didn't know that you have a blog! I can't wait to read it!!! :)

danae said...

Taylor!!! :) Yessir I do. :) Do you?! They're a lot of fun!!! :)

Taylor Becker said...

Nah I don't have one :) I'm not really the "blogger" type. I like reading them, though!!