Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two Thousand Nine Review

The last grains of time are slowly falling down the hourglass, and I'm amazed. How the years fold and stack up so quickly. It's amazing. This has been a wild year. I'm trying to brainstorm some of the happenings. Hmm . . .

This was the year I became a SENIOR!!! Um, WOOT!

I started blogging . . . that was a new deal. [This is the first time I can blog through a New Year! Oh Yeah!!!]

I visited Asbury College and Multnomah University. . .

My family and I took a road trip to Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore. That was a lot of driving. And I didn't throw-up. Not even once. [Now for someone who is semi-prone to car sickness, this is a master accomplishment people!]

I went to my first high school formal, my first senior class retreat, had my first awful year of not being able to go to my church camp, played Mary in my Church's Christmas pageant ---> first time EVER!

I worked a whole summer watching 2 kiddos.

I learned about trust. Oh how I'm learning. I haven't arrived, but I'm trying to figure it out. I'm learning that Jesus is so trustworthy, but the jump's hard. Always.

Oh oh oh, I got postcards from ANN KIEMEL!!! One of my favorite authors. Love this woman! She's one of the bloggers I follow. Oh how she blessed me, encouraged me.

I got to see one of my dear friends from Oregon in Kentucky! How fun!

This was the year Paul Nisely came and spoke at my church . . . how he shook us up, gave the opportunity and reminder to surrender.

Pastor Phil came to Fairview! Wow! Pretty exciting to have a new fellow on board at my church . . . excited to see where God will take us.

This was the year of taking Weight Lifting with an all-boys class, except for me and my teacher. :) haha ;) One of my favorite memories of that was when Teacher surprised me with a cake and the boys singing Happy Birthday to me. Oh how I love them. That seriously made my day!!! And two girls made me a cake. I got presents, cards. Felt so blessed. Was so blessed. What a special gift. I wish they could know how special they made me feel . . .

This was the year Daddy took me out to eat on Valentine's day, and we picked out my purity ring. <3

Another highlight was helping with Vacation Bible School and bringing two squirmy, beautiful little kiddos. They got so into it. Beauty.

And then there were the constant threads that were spun through this year: Friend's Letters, love from family, laughter with cousins, funny moments, painful moments, tears, victory. That's the color of life, no?

And in the end, when I've been faithless, He's still been faithful. Where I've failed, He's remained pure. Holy. Rock Solid. Oh "what is man . . . ?"

Here's my rough draft review of a good year. I'm so excited for a new year, new beginnings. New Years is one of my favorite holidays. New Years Resolutions are my weakness. I'll try to share some of mine with you when I come up with a list. Maybe you can keep me accountable?? ;) Adios!

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