Monday, May 31, 2010

I Want to be Grateful

I want to be grateful. But I'm not very good at it. I forget. Go through the motions. Think I'm entitled. What a misconception, huh? Heaven must laugh some days at my immaturity. Or maybe it's Below that laughs while Heaven cheers me to keep going deeper, keep running farther? I don't know. I'm just glad Jesus is patient with me and that I'm not a number. He knows my NAME! Wow . . . that in itself is something to be so thankful for!

551. Bursting, pink peonies

552. Flowers covering church graveyard. Just knowing that people do still care.

553. Learning that I'm valedictorian. Special gift. I hope He's glorified.

554. Putting colored frosting on cupcakes.

555. Standing under the security light, spotlighted under dark.

556. Sweet two year old's dimpled grin and laugh.

557. Her taking time to talk to us.

558. A friend's pregnancy. An answer to prayer.

559. Finishing walk-a-thon . . . my last high school fundraiser. Done.

560. My last off-campus lunch with friends. Bitter & Sweet.

561. The fellow at the gas station cleaned my windshield! :) First time ever. :)

562. Chinese child's willingness to help. And talk.

563. Photographs of the Heavens. What a magnificent Creator.

564. Fresh corn on the cob that we'll have for lunch today! :)

565. Learning about new Christian artists, musicians, authors.

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