Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Lift My Eyes

Okay, the last few posts haven't been too uplifting, and I suppose if I'm honest, I'm not fully cleansed or healed, nor is this family, but as I began to write another "real," depressing blog post, I decided this isn't where I should be going. I haven't done my gratitude list in two weeks. I haven't truly humbled myself before God's throne in quite awhile. Today's the day . . .

Jesus? Thank You . . .

696. For girls giggling

697. Roasting marshmallows with 5th and 6th graders

698. Memories of cake fights and being scared by Mr. Taylor at Drift Creek

699. One silly girl looking at my sweatshirt and quickly proclaiming . . . "Iowa Hawk-eee's" (instead of Hawkeyes). Ah little Firecracker (I miss you and all of those other ladies in my cabin!).

700. My chat with D about the crash and burn after camp. He's not sure how he'll make it. I know.

701. Watching my cabin of girls at camp come up with their skit. So. Funny.

702. Leading the kids in funny motions during songs.

703. Playing Duck, Duck, Goose with hyper youngsters.

704. Getting to know my co-counselor more. Our laughs. Her teaching me things.

705. That You are merciful and strong. Please, take me back?

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