Monday, August 16, 2010


Spinning, spinning, the earth continues its orbit, not shaken by the chaos in my life. I'm glad to know there are things bigger than me. That there is a Being bigger than me. I'm so grateful for His rescue, for the way He's leading me through the chaos of my own making. I'm not sure the ending yet. He's working on shaping it for me. I am so helpless, and He is so hopeful. I'm so hypocrite, He is so truth and Holy and purifying. May it all be known.

Thank You for . . .

706. Time with family and healing

707. Field of wildflowers

708. Cousin trying to convince me to Kansas . . . :) Grin.

709. Mom finding a gift card I was missing.

710. The compliment from a stranger.

711. Dad and I finally finding Dominos to bring pizza back to the hotel.

712. Hearing a message about how Christians have victory in the spiritual with Christ.

713. Ann Voskamp's blog post on fishing line.

714. Bags of new college things. Can't. Believe. I'm. Actually. Doing. This.

715. Running water on toes.

716. Finding brightly colored envelopes. One for $.01. :) I got about a 100 . . . ;)

717. Seeing pregnant friend and how she's grown, in more ways than one. :)

718. Visiting sister while she babysat and hearing her little fellow calling me "NayNay."

719. Air Conditioning.

720. Getting rid of things.

Amen. :)

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