Monday, August 30, 2010

Thanks From College

Well, I'm here, typing out my first blog post in college. What a crazy, wild thing. What a good thing. I am absolutely loving Multnomah. I arrived here on Thursday, and the weekend was packed with different activities. They've been good and fun, and I've met so many people. So. Many. People, and it's great. And God's grace is so incredible.

My gratitude list starts at 732 today. Wow.

Jesus? thank You for

732. the kind welcome here when I came by the faculty and students.

733. a nice dorm room, a good place to stay.

734. a good roommate :)

735. reminding me of Your beautiful grace, that strong blood, Your cry to save me.

736. sweet hugs by other girls.

737. laughing and cheering for the Timbers with a new friend.

738. the phone call home.

739. meeting Dee and Irene, two sweet ladies working in one of the offices here.

740. an especially yummy meal on saturday and the luau and watching other people limbo.

741. a stack of brightly colored envelops, addressed and ready to send to camp girls.

742. this one lanky fellow making me laugh.

743. a beautiful church building and the speaker reminding us that Jesus has blessed us that we can share Him with others.

744. that I only have one class on Monday. YES.

745. watching a little girl at church, nod and smile. cute.

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