Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Soar Me Heavenward

I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday. This first classes week at college has gone so slow. It hasn't been bad necessarily but somewhat overwhelming. Thankfully, I was able to get a lot of things written in my planner. Just in case you needed to know this information . . . ? :)

I read today in Luke about how the things that men value aren't what God values. I read about the rich man and Lazarus. Ironic, isn't it, that even after the big name I'm sure the rich man made for himself here, it didn't matter in Heaven. He was the rich man, and the poor man got the name. The rich man was so wanting to add up the good times on this side of the veil, he rejected the other side. I do that too. I forget that this isn't all there is, that, when I'm weighing a big decision, missed opportunities for pleasure or comfort won't matter after I walk through the thresholds of this other place. Do I value the things God does? Or am I stuck in this gravity of earth? Soar me heavenward, Jesus.

I want to be real here, never caught up in the spirituality of a Bible college. I want to soak up Jesus and understand how desperately I need Him. President Dan Lockwood gave the student body three special challenges yesterday based off of Isaiah's vision of God's holiness. He told us to 1) take a glance at God's holiness, 2) understand our own helplessness and uncleanness, and I believe the 3) was to grasp His grace. Good words. Words I'll leave you with as I finish checking e-mails and get ready for my first class of the day . . . Intro to Church Ministry. So farewell. For now :)

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