Saturday, March 6, 2010

Frayed Poetry

I want to fly a kite again,
To gaze at stars from window,
Curtains peeled back.
I want to swim in that
Fresh creek again.
Head under water,
Feel like astronaut.
I want to peer into tide pools again,
And have a steaming bowl
Of clam chowder
In front of me.
I want to laugh again,
Breath comes short.
Tears slide, and I, Free.
I want to play badminton again
In the spring, with sister,
Bouncing birdie into infinite air.
Or not so infinite.
I want to cry again
No holding back
Just a cleansing, a purifying,
A healing in the deep.
I want to see the beautiful . . . today and again.
Not a distant imagination,
just living magnificence.

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