Monday, March 29, 2010


Forgive me for not writing my gratitude list here last Monday. I was in beautiful Mexico and wrote a short one in my journal, but I didn't get it here. But I'm back, and if I may, I have plenty to thank Him for.

451. Healing from the sickness in Mexico. He is Immanuel. God with us.

452. That He is God of Mexico. I didn't bring God to Mexico . . . He was already there.

453. The sun rays. Warmth and different perspectives.

454. Beautiful people, leading by an example how to be servants of God.

455. Laughing with friends in a brand new country . . . working with them too.

456. Being able to physically work. A gift.

457. CLEAN WATER! I love being able to brush my teeth from the tap here and not worry about water droplets carrying parasites as I take a shower or grab for a drink. America is blessed with that gift in many parts of the nation.

458. Being home . . . so nice to have a place to go when I came back.

459. Prayers of the Saints, holding me up, encouraging me.

460. Her card in the mail, so unexpected, so gracious. Another proof that God is good.

I press on. I don't want to face the battles here again. It's easy to become weary under the load, but I will try to choose joy today, choose to lay the burdens at the feet of the cross. This is Resurrection week . . . beautiful, horrible things happened this week. I want to remember. How are you remembering?

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