Monday, March 8, 2010

Free. . . . Thanks

I don't know how people make it without Jesus. I guess they really don't, do they? They exist, but how can they live without emptiness? Ah, knowing Jesus means knowing pain, yes, because it is through His pain we are healed, it is through ours that we are refined. but He is with us through every painful groan. He's been through a lot of that with me lately. He really is the only One who knows me completely. He's the only One I can really trust with showing all my dirt, my fears, my pain, dreams. It's true that through my pain the past few months, I have really drawn closer to Him. I've needed Him in such a vivid way. I need Him still. I feel like He's sat with me and sipped tea with me while I poured out my heart and my tears several times within the past few months. Y'all, He gets me as Zoe Girl would sing. :) That doesn't mean I always get Him. I don't understand some of the dark valleys He has led me through (and believe me, I know they're NOTHING compared to what some of you have journeyed through, and I'd love to hear your story) or His ways, but I know His hands are strong. They've held mine. I know He is patient with me. I'm proof. Bless you all! Oh please keep reaching for His hands. They're extended to you. And oh how He wants you. Your heart, Your life, Your thanks. and mine too.

Oh Jesus, thank You
446. For John 8:38 "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." I've been pointed to that verse several times within this weekend. You trying to tell me something?? *wink wink* :)

447. For the balloons cousin, grandma, and I let fly into the galaxies. Okay, they didn't get that far, but they sure were beautiful.

448. Grandma's NINETIETH BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Oh man, thank You for that woman! I'm so blessed that she's still alive! What a stinker, but I sure love her like mad.

449. Grandma and Grandpa's 65 wedding anniversary! Woo hoo! Endurance. I love them both so much. Grandpa's another stinker. :) But life would be so boring and dull without him. And I wouldn't be loved as much. :)[nor teased]

450. For precious people who know what I'm feeling and who let me talk it out and who share what they're going through as well. [We need each other, y'all!]

451. "I'm Tired of Singing Sad Songs" by Sara Beth Geoghegan. It just fit today. [You can hear it at Sara's myspace page]

452. For freedom from food! [Ooh . . . that's a good story. Remind me to share it with you]

453. Seeing Grandma's old house, where she grew up. Man, was it run down, but it was amazing to see those old floorboards, where Grandma played, was born. Living History.

454. Being with my Sunday School kids again and getting two young visitors. My, what characters these little creatures are. But I love them. A lot. :)

455. Family. Wow. What a good thing.

456. The way that Proverb just popped in my head on the way home from church. So good to hear Your word in my mind.

457. Laughter with sister as we drove in town, trying to find stuff for auction.

458. Flecks of snow. Craziness. It's March. Maybe it will snow tomorrow. Two hour delay???? ;) Your will . . . ;)

459. The Friday off of school . . . what a fabulous gift!!! No Idea How I would have made this weekend without it! Thank YOU!

450. A finished rough draft to my senior paper. Woo Hoo! Thanks, Father! :) We got 'er done, eh? ;)

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