Friday, March 26, 2010


It's Friday. Last day of spring break. First full day home after being gone on a mission trip to Mexico. I'm so tired. And loaded down. Homework, battles, futures.

And sometimes, we live on grace. And the remembrance that God is sovereign, expansive. That He knew before I was born what I'd be digging through now. He knows the joy set before me, and I'm quite certain that He wouldn't want worry to squash the joy He offers. He gives rest. Hope. Destiny. Dreams. And it's exciting. So, I blow away the stress and push through. God knows how much I can handle, so I trust Him. [And He knows the same for you, friend]

"It's not me but You that makes the heart beat. I'm lost without You, You dying for me." -- BarlowGirl.

I'm anticipating and praying for that Beautiful Ending and the sweetness of the center. And waiting, I make it my goal to trust and praise and relax in arms stronger than myself because "Your love is beautiful." Farewell friends for the night . . . See you later!

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