Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Power of Saying No

Today, I said "no" to something I was struggling with. It's amazing how much more in control one can feel if you start taking charge instead of letting something (notice, I didn't say someone :) take charge over you.

Lately, I've been really battling with what I diagnose as compulsive eating. I'm sick of it. You know, it's funny how people label the depths of sins, when really, God truly hates them all. Some sins might have different outcomes, but sin is in part the definition of what Jehovah God hates. And I carry my own little pack of 'em. My own little pack of things I don't submit to His Lordship, things like my computer time, my devotional time, how I act when I should wait, what I say when I should be silent, and yes, what and how much I stuff into my mouth. You know? It's embarrassing, and someday maybe I'll tell you a little more on this topic, but it's not a fun one, nor is it a so-called "normal" sin. You won't find overeating tagged onto the top 5 sins on Google, I'm sure. :)

Anyway, so today I decided I'd have no sweets/desserts. I almost caved once. [Shame . . . grace]. And you know what? It felt so good not to just eat and eat and eat. Hallelujah! But that doesn't mean I've completely submitted. I've got so much submitting to do. I'm not exactly even sure what that looks like in the eating field, but I know it applies. I think it starts with a renewed mind. That's my prayer. If Jesus can change my mind (I believe He can), He can change me.

Have you said "no" today?

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