Monday, May 3, 2010

So Good

"God is so good, He's so good to me!" How has He revealed His goodness to you this week?

511. Short hair

512. Sister's moment . . . sharing joy.

513. Delayed tests

514. Dark chains falling

515. Being able to really sing in church again

516. Answer to prayer about a lady at church

517. Being able to work with others to clean my church

518. One month exactly until senior trip and NO MORE SCHOOL! Um, YESSSS! :)

519. Sharing milkshakes in Arbys with my family

520. Sermon on Sunday, about Nehemiah . . . choose your battles, know who your enemy is, know the vision, pray and keep watch, find your source in Almighty God. good. stuff.

Happy day! :)


danae said...

Hey guys! I've had some commenting problems in the past, so I'm trying to fix it . . . Hopefully this works! :)

cmb said...

Like. LOL yeyyyyyy!! finally! great post. thank you for constantly reminding me to look at the things that God does for us, just to make us smile. Even the "small things" are gifts. :D love you, Danae. <3

danae said...

Thanks for the comment! :) Glad I was able to fix the comment problem; sorry it took so long. :/ :) I love you!