Monday, September 14, 2009

. . Gifts . .

This week was kinda a hard week. I feel like I have to look harder for the gifts, but as I look back, that's my fault. I need to remember to keep my eyes open for the gifts God lays across my path. They're there, if I only choose to see.

71. One of my friends from Church is going to my school this year with me . . . a blessing.

72. Smiles from strangers

73. Denim skirts

74. The library had the book I've been waiting to read: Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello To Courtship (Joshua Harris) . . . I know, I know. I may be nerdish, but I'm excited. :) I want to do this thing right someday. :)

75. Laughing uncontrollably in a Rep. meeting at school

76. Getting wet . . . all the way, and the "warmth" of the water. Summer has not retreated yet. :)

77. An abundance of fresh, red tomatoes and eating one like an apple. Mmm. :)

78. New kids at school. I say a prayer for them . . . it must be so hard for the shy, lonely ones. I've kinda been there. It's not easy.

79. Fresh, new school year . . . a new chance. :)

80. Hearing the voice of a young girl I haven't seen in along time. She sounds okay, but I know her heart still needs prayer.

81. Clean, green sheets

82. That I only have one zero period this week (also known as one day I have to wake up super early and be at school at a whopping 7 am . . . but hey, normally it's three days a week . . . this is a gift!) Yay! :)

83. Jesus is journeying through my life with me . . . I need Him so much.

84. The way God protected me after I blew it. He's faithful. I'm sure there's been countless times where I've done something that could have gone sooo wrong. God is good. :)

85. Being able to walk. Such a simple thing, so often taken for granted, but I am so blessed.

86. Being young. Not like being older is bad, but I want to enjoy each season as they come. For now, I want to enjoy the rough challenge and the fun experiences of being young.

87. An old Sound of Music cassette. cousin memories. :)

88. Going to "B" park with my school for Eaglefest . . . a celebration and kickoff to a new school year.

89. Mercy.

90. Singing "Child of God" in chapel this morning . . . a song I so like. You can hear it on youtube here (but *disclaimer* . . . I haven't watched all of the video yet). I am so glad to be called a Child of God. What does that even mean? Someday, I think I'll know, when I look into His eyes. I think I'll know.

"With every breath / With every thought / From what is seen / To the deepest part / I offer all / That I've come to be / To know Your love / Fathering me." alleluia.

Yours truly,
just Simply Danae

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