Monday, September 7, 2009

Double Post Day --- Part 1

Happy Labor Day and Multitude Gifts Monday! :) Here goes a continuing list . . .

41. Sunshine yellow pansies from my Grandpa, the fulfillment of his word.

Earlier in the summer, Sister got sick, and he brought her beautiful red Gerbers. He told me with a grin that if I ever got sick, he'd get me flowers too. Well, a little before and during my family's road trip in early July, I got sickish. By the time we were back, I was fine. Anyway, Grandpa remembered his word and with Grandma bought me and suprised me with these cheery, yellow pansies. :)

42. That Grandma remembered I liked yellow. Her mind isn't always very quick these days.

43. Make believe African hunting trips with kiddos I babysat last week.

44. One last day of summer vacation.

45. Given bouquets of shining flowers.

46. Serving a meal assembly-line style with other girls in youth group at Church event.

47. Conviction of sin scum in my life. Awful feeling, but now, Lord willing, God and I can take care of it.

48. Eating Sunday dinner with dear older friends and being blessed by their stories.

49. Being blessed by elderly people after siniging and playing instruments with Mom and Sister for them.

I've got to take a quick moment and share a story about that one. So it was a hymn sing service that my Mom, Sis, and I were playing at and part of the service included the elderly people choosing songs for us to sing. Well, Mom had me playing piano cold turkey, and I completely fumbled across some of that music. (Now why in the world did they have to pick songs with 5 flats or 3 sharps??? smile) It was so discouraging, and I felt failure-ish. After the service, an elderly man came up to me, shook my hand, and thanked me. He made some comment about me playing piano and being able to sight read. I told him that I made so many mistakes. And you now what he told me? We couldn't hear them. I know this is so grotesquely cliche, but I grudgingly came up with music for this hymn sing out of an awfully selfish spirit. Mom reminded me that we were there to do it for Jesus and to bless those people. They were the ones who blessed me. Such a gift . . . one that I would try to grasp and stick in a mason jar if I could. :)

50. A new baby cousin-once-removed. She's beautiful!

I still don't understand how a girl can actually have a girl (or boy) inside of her?! Our God is miraculous!

51. Unsweetened ice tea . . . Mmm.

52. A Garden to Keep by Jaimie Langston Turner . . . so sad I had to finish it last night. Kinda wish it could have just gone on and on and on.

53. A new haircut -- yay for short-er hair!

54. A good walk and talk with Friend.

55. Seeing friends at school's orientation and seeing classmates who won't be going to my school this year - - I'm gonna miss 'em tons, but it was a gift to see them. :)

56. Laughing with Sister in car on Saturday.

57. One last birthday surprise for Sister -- her Friend spent the night.

58. Fast paced game of Dutch Blitz.

59. Proverbs 3:5-6 -- verses that I've been seeing everywhere lately! A hint from Heaven?

60. Set aside moments of silent prayer.

61. Reminder that when it comes to trials, God's people have gotta be good sports. We wear His "jersey," bear His name.

62. Hearing a two-year-old call me "Miss Danae."

63. Long phone chats with Friend.

64. A fresh cupcake, decorated as artwork, given as a gift in a fancy cupcake box. :)

65. Figuring out that I have classes with some of my dear friends!

66. Communities of prayer.

67. Homemade taffy! :)

68. Singlehood.

69. Beautiful hymns played classically, peacefully on a free cassette my Mom got recently . . . I know, casettes are olden days, but there's still treasures found among the ranks. :)

70. God's enablement of me playing violin and of owning a violin. An indescrible gift and an answer to a child-prayer.

I know this is a little longer of a list than normal, but as I was writing them out last night, I couldn't stop! I am overwhelmed with Heaven-blessings. Jesus has given me so much!

I hope your day is filled with Gift-Counting. :) Happy Monday!

Yours truly,
just Simply Danae

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