Monday, September 21, 2009

A Sea of Gifts

Here goes! Time for another counting.

91. Guppy Memories (inside cousin joke . . . yay for those jewels :) smile)

92. Grandpa C's birthday party and him blowing out each candle in one powerful puff --- he's 89 years old. :)

93. Ann Kiemel on Focus on the Family (9-16-09) . . . love her!

94. Phone call from Asbury college.

95. Facebook inboxes from a girl I don't even know who has so graciously answered my Asbury questions . . . what a gift! :)

96. Late summer rain.

97. The way Almighty God used Psalms 28 to speak to my heart. I needed it. Desperately.

98. Ozzie dog --- my sister's dog. She is so quick to show herself friendly. :)

100. The one hundred gift mark --- God is soooo good!

101. Mulled spice candle - - Autumn is on its way (2pm tomorrow the new season begins . . . I'm counting down!)

102. English reading homework

103. Nailed down classes . . . I finally figured it out (that was stressful!).

104. Being able to watch Kevin Skinner win America's Got Talent with Barbara Pedilla in 2nd place . . . it's the ordinary people that God has used to grace our lives. They are truly beautiful.

105. A summer bike ride around the house.

106. Reminders to trust.

107. A rocking swing on our back porch and time for solitude.

108. Nice, warm showers.

109. The incredible, inspiring stories of Biggest Loser -- it's about the choices and how we think.

110. Communion at church . . . sacred.

111. Footwashing at church service last night . . . I know, some thing it's gross, but it is such a strong message of servitude, of grace, of Jesus.

112. A set of watercolor paints -- it's the little things :)

113. The cool breath of air after the rain.

114. Smell of Mom's baking ginger snaps.

115. Deep, encouraging notes from friends.

Though it's so tempting to consider today another "miserable Monday," it doesn't have to be, does it? Today's a day of gifts and miracles. We just have to wear the right glasses to catch each moment. :) I hope your day's wonderful . . . that you step out on the sand and wade deep in the mercy of God. He's with you!

Yours truly,
just Simply Danae :)

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