Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Spinning, spinning, spinning.
I close my eyes to feel the motion,
Spinning, spinning, spinning.
I rock back and forth,
Rocking into it, and around.

Oh Daddy, Your hands hurt me sometimes,
You hollow me out,
But it doesn't feel like hollowing.
It feels like You're making me empty.
The void makes me feel weak,
And I want to cave in . . .
The walls thin.

Spinning, spinning, spinning.
You mold me with the tips of Your fingers,
The palm of Your hand smooths the edges,
And sometimes, Daddy,
It really hurts.
And I get so tired.
So tired and my heart sinks under
The weight of it.

But I'll try, Jesus. I'll
try to stay on this wheel . . .
Please don't stop.
Help me to go through the processes . . .
I'm learning it's okay.
Thank You for loving me along.
For peace. Silence.

I love You.



Briana said...

I like the illustration of the void inside!!! Nice!

Anonymous said...

beautiful image!