Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Open to Seeing

My the days have been lived. I feel like a child sometimes, sitting in a train and peering out the window, watching my life pass by as if I were only a bystander. But I'm not. I'm in it. Struggling through it. Rejoicing in it. As I blog though, it gives me a chance to just sit back in the train and look out the window, to try to understand it more as I distance myself and let the words run through the fingertips.

Life has been hard lately. Truth. But there have definitely been jewels hidden in my path that glint golden and cause me stop and bend to earth, only to find that I'm looking at gifts from a good Father, only to find that my eyes turn upward and into a familiarly good Face. Here's an update, a counting of these jewels . . .

801. A stranger telling me "Good Morning" here in the library.

802. Pages of Bible . . . holding the Word in my hand and being able to read His words over and over and over.

803. Birthday package from my friend, filled with yummy, sweet goodies.

804. Talking with a professor yesterday, hearing his story and how in some ways, part of it really mirrors mine.

805. Talking with my Brother T on the phone and him praying for me, encouraging me. It's so nice to have big Brothers! :)

806. The anonymous comment left for me on my blog . . . from Jehovah. Wow. Meant so much to me.

807. Snowflakes falling unexpectedly this morning.

808. God's power and our access to it through prayer.

809. Him sharing what he will tell "his kids" about relationships. Oh friend, you have grown so much, are strong.

810. Simply being able to be around people and study . . . nice thing to be surrounded by family, by Jesus in others.

811. "Busy Work" . . . getting assignments done.

812. Flowers from my dad for Valentine's day.

813. A letter and gifts from Friend for V-Day . . . words. Read and reread words.

814. Hugs from my sister when I went back home for awhile.

815. Mom's delicious birthday meal that she made for me.

816. Sweet friend from church, her sweet hug and love and the gift of the angel. Oh how God loves us through others!

817. Being able to move and exercise while I read for homework.

818. Being able to share that I struggled in College Group. Freedom in release, in honesty.

819. Being encouraged by Caleb and Joshua's story in college group . . . fear verses faith.

820. Chapel on Monday and hearing a couple's passion for Jesus, for bringing His presence with them . . . encouraging.

I'm danae. I'm the child of God. My Father Yeshua puts up with a lot when it comes to me. I struggle with Him, trying to hold on to what He has asked me to let go, yet He doesn't leave. Doesn't forsake. I am still His, and He holds me against Him. He scatters His gifts along my path to remind me I am not alone, to remind me that I am loved, that there is HOPE and BEAUTY here. Sometimes we just have to keep our eyes open to it, open to seeing. Open to the gifts . . .

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