Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stronger Arms Than These

Pulled, stitched inside, thread being tugged, yanked.
Stretched . . . and no door out.
Chaos. The throbbing beat of the base.

It's student ministry and homework
And summer job and paying for school.
It's knowing what part this one plays
And what part they play
And was this all a bunch of lies?

And I'm not going to be strong enough this time.
I will fall . . . hands unclenched.
Falling, falling . . .
Into stronger arms than these.

The pros wouldn't call this poetry. I don't really either, but I write this with a lot on my heart today. Part of it's generated by tiredness and other things. I feel very torn and just tired from a lot of what's going on, but I am so grateful that I know. I can let go. Jesus has me. My strength isn't what keeps me up. No. It's JESUS, and I'm nestled in His wings!!! Safe. Alleluia!!! So are you, beautiful friends! He sees beyond us and loves us. May You dance this week "Wrapped in [His] Arms."


Briana said...

Hey Sista! If you ever want to talk I am here ok?
On a lighter note I never ever thought you would have a fireflight song on your blog :) But it wasn't rocky like they usually are. ..memories? ATF?

bitnee said...

What powerful words.

Both what you wrote and the song.

The wonderful fact is He wont ever let go of us. :) Its glorious. It is the beautiful thing in this world.

Stay strong roommate. Worry with in the boundaries of today. Nothing else. He has and will always have everything else under control. :)