Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Counting

Happy Monday! It is again a day of new counting. Join me?

26. Old flannel shirt . . . my Daddy's.

27. Shining summer sunflowers

28. Laughing with cousins Saturday, what a gift.

29. Family dinner at Pioneer Villa . . . fellowship and oh how delicious the food. :)

30. A summer job, lived long and now finished.

31. No big injuries as I watched over kiddos the past three months.

32. Daddy's birthday . . . his life held with such value. (I love you, Daddy! So much!)

33. Sister got her license! An answered prayer. Nerves relax.

34. Fresh, succulent blackberries and blackberry milkshakes . . . MMM!

35. Sweet August . . . memories

36. Playing freeze tag, choosing to be young.

37. A sky punctured with radiant stars.

38. Celebration service at Church . . . a new man giving himself to lead us.

39. Five young, energetic boys in Sunday School.

40. "Grace greater than all my sin." alleluia

Live! It's a brand new day. :)

Yours truly,
just Simply Danae


cmb said...

YOUR SISTER GOT HER LICENSE!!!????? Oh. MY. GOODNESS!!! I am suuuuch a loser!! :) Something in me really doesn't care too much though... I think it's the part of me that really doesn't want to die anytime soon. :) haha. btw, I totally understand your fun times with freeze tag. Freeze tag is where you find what kind of friends you have. Which ones of them are backstabbers, and which of them will really sacrifice their lives for you. Ahhh, the good 'ol days! Love you girl!

danae said...

LOL . . . I never thought of freeze tag like that. Hmm . . . :) hahaha :)

So, Sister just drove off by herself for the first time ever . . . SCARY!!!! :) haha :) But dear, death and driving aren't always the same thing. Really. :) I love you!!